Dmitry Tumin and Stephenie Dzurnak are our new Ohio State Co-Chairs

Ohio State Records have been updated for the final time using the old weight classes. Beginning January, 1st 2015 the new National and International weight classes will be now used at the local level as well (High School Nationals will be the only exception). Baseline Ohio records will be established soon and posted on the New State Web site, which will be announced here and on the National site once it is complete. Stay tuned.

New USAPL weight classes:

43 94.8* (*Youth, Sub Junior and Junior Only)
47 103.62  
52 114.64  
57 125.66  
63 138.89  
72 158.73  
84 185.19  
84+ 185.20+  
53 116.84* (*Youth, Sub Junior and Junior Only)
59 130.07  
66 145.5  
74 163.14  
83 182.98  
93 205.03  
105 231.48  
120 264.55  
120+ 264.56+  

The 2015 Calendar has been updated.

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